Classic PCBs
We have the following classic PCBs in stock:

1942 replica
Amidar Replica met JAMMA kabel
Bombjack Tehkan 1984
CaterPillar Konami 1984
Centipede Atari 1981 (NOT WORKING)
Choplifter Replica
Circus Charlie Konami 1984
Commando Capcom 1985
Do Run Run Univeral 1984
Donkey Kong Jr. Nindendo 1982
Double Dragon replica
Exerion Jaleco 1983
Frogger Sega/Gremlin 1981
Galaga Namco 1981
Gaplus Namco 1984
Golden Axe Sega 1989
Green Beret Replica
Gyruss Konami 1983
Hyper Olympic Konami 1985
Karate Champ Replica
Knock Out KKK 1982
Lady Bug Replica met JAMMA kabel
Lady Bug Universal 1981
Le Bagnard Valadon 1982
Lode Runner Irem 1984
Ms. Pac-Man Replica met JAMMA kabel
Mr Do! Universal 1982
Mr Do vs Unicorns Universal 1983
Pac-Man Jr. Replica (SEGA mod)
Pengo Sega 1982
Pitfall 2 Sega 1985
Popeye Replica met JAMMA kabel
Rock n Rope Konami 1983
Space Invaders part II Taito 1980
Spiders Sigma Entertainment 1981
Splash Gaelco 1992
Super Pacman Namco 1982
Time Pilot Konami 1982
Trojan Capcom 1986
Turpin replica
Zaxxon Sega 1982

These are loose PCBs. They have been tested and work 100%. Prices vary depending on the title and state of the PCB.

If you are interested in a PCB, or are looking for one that is not listed above, please contact us.

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