Pandora's Box 3
PCB with 520 games
Pandora's Box 3 is a multi PCB with 520 arcade classics including most SNK and Capcom titles. Games can be selected via a graphical front end, that show previews of all games. It is easy to install in a JAMMA Arcade system and supports CGA en VGA monitors.

The complete list of games (PDF).

€150 (incl. 21% VAT)

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Arcade Slim Edition (Zelda)
Arcade Slim Edition (MvC)
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Classic Arcade 60 in 1 (Pac-Man art)
Mini Arcade (Zelda version)
Mini Arcade (GnG version)
Mini Arcade (MK version)
Mini Arcade 60 in 1
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Pandora's Box 3
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