JAMMA Arcade 60 in 1
60 of the biggest Arcade hits
This solid and sturdy Arcade machine, with its striking retro artwork, is packed with 60 Arcade classics, such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Frogger and Space Invaders. It will look fantastic at your office, in your game room or man cave. The machine is equipped with 2 Sanwa joysticks and 6 lit buttons per player. The monitor and hardware are of the best quality, making this a reliable machine.

The monitor is fitted vertically, but can be rotated. That way you can easily fit a Pandora's Box or Games Family for even more games.

- 19 inch LCD screen
- Volume controls though a built in amplifier
- Two joysticks with 6 buttons each
- Coin slot for an authentic arcade experience
- Manual for changing the games settings
- Complete with power cable and keys
- 12 months guarantee

The complete list of games (PDF).

Height 180cm
Width 61cm
Depth 70cm
Weight 85kg

€1325 (incl. 21% VAT)

Please contact us for more information and ordering the new JAMMA Donkey Kong Arcade 60 in 1.
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