We have the following JAMMA PCBs in stock:

Aliens Konami 1990
Atomiswave Gun + gunboard (untested)
Back Street Soccer Suna 1996
Cabal replica
Cabal Tad corperation 1988
Cobra Command Data East 1988
Combatribes Data East 1990
Croquis Deniam 1995
Dead or Alive Tecmo 1996 met JAMMA kabel
Devastators Konami 1988
Fantasia II Comad 1997
Four Trax Namco 1989
Gals Panic Kaneko 1990
Gold Medalist SNK 1988
Grand Striker Human 1993
Guerillia War SNK 1987
Main Event SNK 1984
Match It Tamtek 1989
Match It 2 Tamtek 1993
Naomi 1 Motherboard with Virtua Tennis
New Fantasia Comad 1995
Off the Wall Atari 1994
Olympic Soccer 92 Seibu Kaihatsu 1992
Pollux Dooyong 1991
Powerspikes V-systems 1991
Raiden II Seibu Kaihatsu 1993
Red Hawk Afega 1997
Risky Challenge Irem 1993
Roller Games Konami 1991
Shogun Warriors Kaneko 1992
Speed Spin TCH 1994
Squash Gaelco 1992
Street Fighter II replica
Super Soccer Stars Konami 1989
Super Toffy Midas 1994
Super Volleyball V-Systems 1989
Tetris Atari 1988
Tetris Replica
Tumblepop Data East 1991
Twin Cobra Replica
Ultimate Tennis Art & Magic 1993
Wrestlefest Technos 1991
Zola Pac Ms Pac Man replica with speed up

These are loose PCBs. They have been tested and work 100%. Prices vary depending on the title and state of the PCB.

If you are interested in a PCB, or are looking for one that is not listed above, please contact us.

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