This is the complete list of pachislo machines that we currently have available. If the machine you are looking for is sold out or not displayed, please contact us, so we can try to find it for you.
Silent Hill Virtua Fighter Biohazard 6 Biohazard 5
Macross Batman Ridge Racer Metal Slug 2
Castlevania Castlevania 2 Popeye Brid Garo
Bon Jovi Gamera 2 Onimusha 3 Alien vs Predator
Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man 3 Battle Caesar Sindbad Adventures
Hihouden Tomb Raider Evangelion 3 Neo Pharaoh Zetz
Rio 2 Premium Playboy Devil May Cry 4 Gradius
Ready to play!
Each pachislo is supplied with:
250 Tokens
an original coin tray
door key
settings key
volume controls
240 volts power supply
English manual
6 months guarantee
About pachislo
What is pachislo?
Token tray
Battle Counter